About the Unfortunate Expeditions

Published by: Atlas Staff
I've gotten a number of questions recently about Gloom: Unfortunate Expeditions, in particular folks wondering about the cover price and release date. Unfortunately, these have have not yet been determined.

Release date will depend on when we need to reprint the Gloom core game. The very high cost of the transparent plastic card stock means we need to combine production runs to reduce our cost of goods. We intend to reprint Gloom, its first two expansions, this new expansion, and also another game that will include one transparent deck, all at the same time. It will most likely be this summer.

The MSRP is going to depend on cost, which is also unknown at this time, due to the volatility of oil prices and plastics over the past year. Our hope is that the plummeting oil prices of recent months will work its way through to lower raw materials costs by the time we go into production.