Al Amarja, Circa 1959

Published by: Atlas Staff
Over the Edge began as Jonathan Tweet's weird and supposedly unpublishable homebrew game.  As an "unpublishable" game, it was of course exactly the kind of project that I had started Atlas Games to publish -- something that was not likely to be printed by the major RPG publishers of the early 90s, an era when print-on-demand and PDF sales didn't exist and the "indy RPG" scene was, it's probably fair to say, undefined.

After 15 years, during which he was involved in a few other games, Jonathan reports that he's starting up his Over the Edge game again...with a twist and some reflection on the original inspirations of the game and the world of almost twenty years ago in which he dreamed it up.  Check it out.

(Most of the original Over the Edge product line is still in print and available from Warehouse 23 as well as numerous other retailers.  You can also buy and enjoy the On the Edge CCG that Jonathan and I designed in 1994, which shares the same setting.)