Ars Magica & Cthulhu500 Win Origins Awards

Published by: Atlas Staff
Atlas Games is pleased to be the recipient of this year's Origins Awards for two of our games!

Ars Magica 5th Edition -- designed by David Chart, Jonathan Tweet, and Mark Rein•Hagen, with graphic design by J. Scott Reeves -- won Best Role-Playing Game for 2004. In Ars Magica ("The Art of Magic"), players take the roles of wizards who are as powerful as those we know from legend and literature; in the land of Mythic Europe, those legends are real. The rules encourage players to develop their characters over long periods of time, and make the covenant -- the home base of the characters -- central to the stories. Troupe-style roleplaying allows players to take on the roles of multiple characters, so that the players have equal access to power even though the characters do not. This new edition is rewritten to improve the rules for existing players, and to be more attractive and accessible to new audiences. It features all-new graphic design, two-color interior printing, and a hardcover binding. Retailers can request full-color Ars Magica 5th Edition brochures, with a poster map of Mythic Europe inside, for their stores by contacting

Cthulhu 500 -- designed by Jeff Tidball and illustrated by J. Scott Reeves -- won Best Traditional Card Game or Expansion for 2004. The Cthulhu 500 card game puts you in the driver's seat for a frenzied race that mixes the madness of HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and the insanity of motor sports. Rev up your Satanic Pushcart's Engine Of The Damned, mount your Radials From Beyond Space And Time, and take a Dreamlands Shortcut to win the race for The Sponsor That Must Not Be Named. The driver in the lead when the Checkered Flag card is drawn celebrates victory by devouring his opponents! Retailers can request full-color Atlas Games Card Games brochures for their stores by contacting

Congratulations to all the people who made this possible!