Battle of the Geeks: Installment One

Published by: Atlas Staff
People always assume that my husband John Nephew is a bigger gamer geek than I am. Maybe because he founded Atlas and I only married into it? Maybe because male geeks are inherently geekier than female geeks? Whatever the reason, I'm here to set the record straight. This series of posts is designed to PROVE once and for all than I am, in fact, the bigger gamer geek.


Photographic evidence of my friend Bobbi Olson and I IN COSTUME at the Shakopee Renaissance Festival just outside of the Twin Cities last weekend. Where is John, you ask? AT HOME!

Why, yes, he DOES own a costume ... one that I bought for him. In fact, my one purchase at the Festival was a black velvet pie hat with fluffy feather FOR JOHN. This only enhances my geeky-ness, of course, since buying a costume for your significant other who will NEVER wear it is indeed even geekier than buying one for yourself, as everyone knows.


Michelle = 1
John = 0


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