Battle of the Geeks: Installment Three

Published by: Atlas Staff
Welcome once again to Battle of the Geeks, the series of blog posts in which I, Michelle Nephew, prove beyond a doubt that I am far and away a bigger geek than my husband John.


You've heard of Second Life, right? The massively multiplayer online virtual world where you can actually build things yourself? Well, say hello to my Second Life avatar:

Yes, that's my steampunk outfit ... how observant of you! Oh, and what's that I'm standing on? Not a snowfield, no, that's a CLOUD, because you can FLY in Second Life. And it's not just any cloud, it's actually the building platform I set up above my island sim to create skyboxes on (floating houses for you non-SLers), which I then sell in Second Life. That's right ... I MAKE MONEY in Second Life.

Now, to be fair I must admit that John does have his little World of Warcarft hobby. HOWEVER, I'm not only a Second Life player, I'm a Second Life entrepreneur, and that's what makes all the difference. While John pays his $15 a month for WoW, I've actually MADE over $4,000 to date on Second Life. Notice the comma there? Just checking. ;)


Michelle = 3
John = 0