Christmas Present

Published by: Atlas Staff
Your Christmas present from Atlas Games is the very last of the classic PDF articles that I rescued from obscurity a little less than a year ago. You may remember that when we changed over to the current design of the web site, I did a major house cleaning of the server and came up with a bunch of PDFs that had lost their links, and also culled my layout files to find PDFs of articles that had appeared in magazines and such over the last few years but that we or the author still owned the copyright to. I've been posting these "lost" PDFs every few weeks, but we've finally reached the end of them. As the final installment, I give you Chris Jones' Herbs article, which first appeared in Gaming Frontiers in 2002. It's an add-on to the Occult Lore sourcebook of magical traditions, in our Penumbra D20 line, and includes herbalism info on Broom, Bog Fan, Rowan, Sage, and Zucher. Enjoy, and happy holidays!