Congrats Source Comics & Games!

Published by: Atlas Staff
Atlas Games congratulates our sister company the Source Comics & Games on the opening of their NEW location today! The new space is just a few blocks north of their old place in the Twin Cities, now across from the HarMar mall. It's a full TEN THOUSAND SQUARE FEET of space, and WOW does it feel big! It's now one of the biggest hobby game stores in the US, hands down.

The front view of the Source is modern and attractive, facing Snelling Ave. The main entrance and plenty of parking are around back.

Friendly staff greets you at the door (that's Pat and Hans at the desk). A vaulted hangar-style curved ceiling arches over everything, with 6-foot aisles, new fixtures, and bright, friendly lighting. Two WHEELCHAIRS can pass each other in the main aisle, for gosh sakes!

The Wall 'O Comics stretches on practically forever, with everything face-out!

The offices are up by the entrance now, and the Source's manager Bob has a view over his domain through his sneaky mirrored window (that's Nick on the right, too).

The gaming area is ENORMOUS, with a handy kitchenette including a sink for washing brushes, brand new bathrooms and water fountains conveniently close, and lots of light from the big display windows.

Even the Source's iconic soldier has a place of honor right up front in the new store.

Make time to come by the Source this week and congratulate the guys on a job well done. I hear it took them less than 2 hours to move all the inventory over! Phew!