Feng Shui 2 Demo Pack: Red Packet Rumble now Available

Published by: Atlas Staff
We all learn games best by playing them, and roleplaying games are no exception. The Feng Shui 2 core rulebook includes the breakout adventure Shadow of the Future of the Apes, but many GMs and convention organizers asked us to prepare a shorter scenario for game days, retail store game nights, and game conventions.

Presenting Red Packet Rumble! This scenario can be run in under two hours and introduces players to the core aspects of the game rules as well as another faction, the Eaters of the Lotus. Included with this free PDF download are a dozen ready-to-play archetypes, a copy of the shot counter to track combat sequences, and a set of reference sheets. Just print the demo packet and go!

Feng Shui 2 Demo Pack: Red Packet Rumble was written & produced by Cam Banks, based on Feng Shui 2 by Robin D. Laws.