Feng Shui 2: Hong Kong Task Force 88 adventure now available in PDF

Published by: Atlas Staff
Lucky participants in this year's Free RPG Day festivities may have received a glossy, full-color quickstart adventure for Feng Shui 2. But not everyone lives near a Friendly Local Gaming store, and some stores have more participation than they have games to give away.

So we're excited to bring Hong Kong Task Force 88 to everyone in digital format! It's a classic buddy cop adventure, with the best of the best police officers from around the world gathered to solve the mystery of a deadly new drug hitting the streets. Characters clash as they seek to be top cop, but eventually come together to take down the dangerous forces behind the public menace.

Hong Kong Task Force 88 comes with quickstart rules for Feng Shui 2, giving new players and long-time fans an easy introduction to the updated rules. And the adventure has all the crime-solving, high-kicking, guns-blazing action of a Hong Kong action movie. Get your PDF for just $4.95 today!


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