Gloom Tarot

Published by: Atlas Staff
Ever wondered what would happen if you asked the characters of Gloom to tell your future? Now's your chance to find out! The folks over at have developed a method of using the cards from Gloom to do spiritual readings.

Site admin Magnolia says, "It's an absolutely hilarious game, and the first time I used the deck for reading I did it on myself and the cards that were returned to me made sense to my question. It piqued my curiosity so I did another question & reading and it was accurate. I've found that doing a 2-part reading with the deck works the best; one character card, and one situation card. After that I did readings for myself [...] and others just spontaneously and it's worked well. There's just a really great energy from the deck which I think lends it to being a great tool."

Check out their discussion and sample readings now!