Gloomy Update

Published by: Atlas Staff
Gloom has been a source of much unhappiness in the Atlas offices this fall. We were excited to have a new printer lined up to do the reprints and new expansion deck, and we expected to have it in our warehouse in December. Then, when we submitted the final specs and quantities, that printer came back to us with a 50% price increase over their original quote (which itself was a good 50% higher than what we had been paying overseas on the first two printings). This sent us back to square one in trying to find a supplier.

Well, that search has ended in success at last. We have found a new printing arrangement for the game, here in the USA. I don't believe we can get the games into our warehouse before the end of the year, but January seems very likely -- much better than the 4-6 months later that I thought we might face if we had to go back overseas again (depending on monsoons, labor unrest in foreign ports, homeland security delays, and everything else that has afflicted the game in the past).

We'll keep you posted when we have more news and a more definitive date, but in the meantime here's a little more bad news.

Price Increase: Gloom Expansions

We need to hike the price a little bit on the expansions to keep my budgetary spreadsheets in line. The old price was $12.95 (just like the original printing of Unhappy Homes); the new price will be $13.95 for both Unhappy Homes and the new Unwelcome Guests. We are still going with $24.95 for the core Gloom game, as announced previously.