Gloomy Update

Published by: Atlas Staff
It's a bit of an understatement to say that we're anxious to see Gloom arrive here at Atlas Games. On Friday we finally received the bill of lading from the manufacturer in India. A search of the internet to find the schedule of the ship that the game is apparently on (called the Indamex Mumbai) has turned up some results.

If I am reading the shipping schedules correctly, then Gloom did not leave India until November 9th, when the container ship left the super-modern container port of Nhava Sheva (near Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay). Apparently our goods arrived at Nhava Sheva just in time for a strike at the port, the first one in four years, so they'd spent some time waiting to get loaded on a ship. On Friday, November 19th, the Indamex Mumbai was scheduled to pass through the Suez Canal. Now it is crossing the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and it's due to arrive in New York City on November 30th. From there it must be unloaded and transported to Minneapolis to clear customs and get local delivery to our warehouse.

All of this means that we will probably be shipping the game, at long last, sometime in the week of December 6th. (Needless to say, I'll be trying to ship it out ASAP, as soon as it arrives, so that we can miss as few selling days before Christmas as possible.)

I suppose, given the game's subject matter, all these mishaps are only appropriate. Plus Michelle's tea is cold (but that's because she always gets distracted and forgets that it's sitting in the microwave), and the sky is gray (but then, this is Minnesota in November).