Grand Tribunal Reports ...

Published by: Atlas Staff
Grand Tribunal UK and US were held over last weekend, and the reports coming in all point to them being fantastically successful. Read the full write-up by the UK con's coordinator. In it CJ Romer says, "So how did it go? Really well I think. I was shattered for my birthday on Monday – but we had fun, and what was noticeable this year was how much the emphasis was on grogs and non-magi characters. Puck’s Dell has Grogs, Nobles, Magi, Apprentices, Magical People/Faeries and Covenfolk as the five types of character – I hope all were equally fun to play. Twilight Fades, The Archmage is Busy and The Unquiet Grave all emphasized grogs. It just goes to show what you can do with the Ars Magica setting, even without your magus in the limelight, and how much potential troupe play has."