Help Patrick bring Nyambe to Uganda!

Published by: Atlas Staff
We were delighted to receive an email last week from Ben Parkinson at the Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network. He told us about Patrick Aikonia, a 14-year-old roleplaying game enthusiast in Kampala, Uganda.

Patrick has been running Pathfinder and other RPGs for kids in the slums of Kampala and a rural village named Koro in Northern Uganda, as part of a project to help kids take hold of the entertainment, education, and empowerment potential that roleplaying games offer in areas that don't always provide enough of those things.

Patrick's new project is to write and run a LARP adventure for the kids in Koro based on Nyambe, our classic RPG set in Mythical Africa. He feels that both the 3.0 OGL system and the setting will be highly accessible to his gamers, and has been hard at work writing his adventure of school holidays.

Nyambe writer Christopher Dolunt and the Atlas Games staff are teaming up to send a package of materials to support Patrick's efforts and his love of RPGs. But there's a way gamers can support him directly in this project. He's trying to raise about $400 to cover costs of transportation, food, and activities for the Koro gamers between now and May 8th. Anything extra will go directly to Patrick's project.

You can read more and see pictures of Patrick and his band of adventurers on the project website. To make a donation, visit his crowdfunding page.