Learning with Letter Head

Published by: Atlas Staff
Letter Head is an entertaining game for all ages, but it’s also an effective educational tool. The game offers practice for basic skills. Spell your words correctly, because others can score points by finding spelling errors. And brush up on basic math as you tally up the points from words and bonuses.

Bluffing adds an element of social education too. You can sharpen your observation skills as you try to detect signs of someone else’s deception. Then you have to practice your own bluffing, which teaches self-awareness and strategy. Missing letters in your word? Play it super cool. Got a big, complete word? Act nervous. The more people you fool with your bluff, the more points you get!

Other versions of the game add more educational opportunities. In the “Letter Recall” version, you practice your concentration and memory as you search for the card you need to complete your word. “Vultures” exercises your strategic brain as you decide which words to play (or not) based on the letters your opponents are taking.

Introduce this new addition to your family game night, and give one to your favorite teacher to use in the classroom!


Letter Head