Letter Head: And The Winners Are...

Published by: Atlas Staff
In August of 2016 we launched the first ever Letter Head Design Challenge. The call went out to fans and designers everywhere to submit their own game designs utilizing the Letter Head deck. The response was fantastic, and after extensive playtesting, heated exchanges, and shed tears,* we still couldn't arrive at our favorite five. So instead, we broke our own rules and chose six.

And now those six games are available to everyone for free! All you need are a few friends and a Letter Head deck for hours of fun with these unique games that stretch and reimagine Letter Head in all new ways.
  • Anagrabs by Steve Dee. Claim letters from a common pool to form words. But beware, cards you’ve already used are still up for (ana)grabs!
  • Draw! Beat Down Their Weapons! by Jonathan Woodard. Escort your convoys through a dangerous forest, engaging in duels of witty vocabulary with highwaymen who want to make off with your precious cargo.
  • Gadsby! by Steve Dee Inspired by Ernest Vincent Wright’s 1939 lipogrammatic novel of the same name, your challenge is to create words that do not use the letter E, while looking for opportunities to add Es to other players’ words and thus negate their score. 
  • Letter Mine by J. Walton. Explore a series of subterranean tunnels, mining letters from the rock itself in a race to build words faster than the other players. 
  • Tensorial Relations by Nick Wedig. A deckbuilding word game in which the words you create enable you to buy even better cards. When all the cards have been purchased, the player with the highest scoring deck wins!
  • Word War by Aex Kanous. Create words from an always-morphing grid of letters, while trying to block the other players from doing the same.

* Not factually correct. Exchanges were measured and friendly, and instead of tears it was laughter and smiles.


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