Lion Rampant's Covenants

Published by: Atlas Staff
In my continuing effort to play the part of Felix Necromius (remember him?), I have resurrected another Ars Magica products from the misty past. Today's resurrected offering is the original Lion Rampant edition of Covenants, available now on

While they share a title, this is a very different book from the recently released 5th Edition Covenants. The Lion Rampant version was written for 2nd Edition rules, and released a few months after 2nd edition, in the autumn of 1989 if my memory serves. (I remember a huge stack of boxes of it filling the three-season front porch of House Rampant.) The rules part may not be of that much use to current-edition players, but the four example covenants -- one for each season -- are fun to read, what with the original write-up of Doissetep and whatnot.