Local Conventions: March 28-30 and April 04-06

Published by: Atlas Staff
Here are some great local conventions where you can go to play Atlas Games in the next two weeks (especially if you live in Texas!). We're proud to support each of these events! Click on the names for the link to each one's event page.

Texicon/TABLE--Irving, TX--28-30 March 2014

Game On!--University of North Texas: Denton, TX--02 April 2014

ChimaeraCon--San Antonio, TX--04-06 April 2014

PretzCON--Omaha, NE--04-06 April 2014

International TableTop Day--All over the world!--05 April 2014

Do you have a favorite local convention that you'd like Atlas Games to support? Send event organizers to our Convention Support Application--we trade games for ad space and help organize members of our Special Ops demo team to run Atlas' games at events all over the world!