Love and Angst at @AtlasGames

Published by: Atlas Staff
We're looking forward to our big Gloom spotlight event at the Geek & Sundry Lounge at Comic-Con. Keith Baker will be there hosting a small cadre of lucky Gloom fans, who'll play with Geek & Sundry luminaries and friends including Nika Harper, Boyan Radakovich, Pat Rothfuss, Tigermonkey, Neil McNeil, Becca Canote, Cristina Viseu, Craig Cackowski, and Hal Lublin. Up for grabs, among other things, will be a hand-crafted set of oversized Gloom story cards.

The event's almost full, but don't be too distressed… because we're not done putting people on the guest list.

Interested in joining us? Then clear your Comic-Con schedule on Friday the 25th from 1:00–2:30. Then, jump on Twitter and tell the world why you love Gloom. Or, speak out about why Gloom ties you up in knots. Better yet, do both.

Use the hashtag #GloomLove or #GloomAngst, depending, and mention @atlasgames. We'll pick our favorites on Tuesday. Make sure you follow us, because we'll inform winners by Twitter DM.

Speak out for your health. Speak out for your sanity. But most importantly, speak out because you want  to play Gloom with Keith Baker and Geek & Sundry.

We'll see you at Comic-Con!