More Books Sold Out

Published by: Atlas Staff
Despite the distress of the global economy, game sales still seem to be doing pretty well. Thus I find myself writing today to let folks know that we've sold out of yet more titles.

Our d20 fire sale is going strong, and has cleared another title out of our warehouse: Backdrops in the Penumbra line is now out of print. Note that while we don't have it in the warehouse any more, that's because we just recently shipped our remaining copies to retailers such as Warehouse 23, who have been passing the fire sale savings along to consumers -- so you may yet have a chance to pick up a copy for yourself. If we sell out of all of our d20 titles by year-end, and thus don't have to send any to the recycling center, I'll be very pleased indeed.

The Ars Magica 5th Edition roleplaying game line has also been a steady performer, and two more of its sourcebooks have sold out from our warehouse: Realms of Power: Divine and Houses of Hermes: Societates. I should probably mention too that we're down to about half a dozen copies of City and Guild right now.