Origins Nomination for Atlas Online PbP!

Published by: Atlas Staff
Atlas Games is pleased to be nominated for this year's Origins Award for Best Play by Post Game. The attendees at the Origins Game Fair this week will be asked to vote for the final winner ... so if you happen to be at show in Columbus, please be sure to give us your support!

Some of you in the know might immediately say, "But wait! Atlas doesn't DO any play by mail games." And you'd be right. This is traditionally a category reserved for mail-based games, but it's actually our ONLINE play by post campaigns hosted at the Atlas Games Forums that are nominated!

So how did this come about? I've been lobbying GAMA for about two years now to open the category up to online games, and this year after much discussion they let me submit our forums at the last minute. Here's our general position:

The play-by-post style of gaming has seen dramatic change in the last decade. From its roots as a turn-based strategy game conducted by mail, it's grown to include electronically mediated games with a stronger element of roleplaying. Last year's Origins Awards ceremony lacked a play-by-post award, due to receiving too few submissions in that category. It's time to expand the category to also include those online forms that have developed more recently out of this style of play. Play-by-post has always been at the heart of gaming, but to keep this category vital it needs to celebrate both its living roots and the possibilities that online gaming brings. We hope that both jury members and voters will take a look at the games we host with an eye for the similarities to what you may be more used to, and an understanding of the potential that the online medium brings to the category.

I can honestly say that I was surprised and truly honored to not only be allowed to submit our games (which was all I was really going for), but to actually win a nomination. It's a big step, and a huge compliment to all the GMs who make our forum campaigns so successful. Our thanks to current GMs Mad Max, Timothy Ferguson, Marko Markoko, Fireymonkeyboy, JeanMichelle, and qcipher; and to past GMs Kryslin, Liam Hart, raidingparty, Queex, Erik Tyrrell, and Falls. These games take a lot of effort on their part, with some of the campaigns now into the several thousands of posts, and we appreciate all their work!

If you'd like to join one of our play by post campaigns, just register on the forums and then contact the GM for that game by private message. If you'd like to run your own campaign on our forums, see our Instructions for GMs.

Thanks, again, and we hope to see more online play-by-post games in the running for next year's Origins Awards!