Over the Edge Hashtags for Al Amarjan Fun

Published by: Atlas Staff
The launch of this week's Over the Edge Bundle of Holding reminded us all at Atlas how much we love this classic RPG's wonderfully perverse Mediterranean setting of Al Amarja.

Two details of the setting too often forgotten are "Opportunities in the Edge" and "Little Scratches," a pair of regular, classified ad-style features in Al Amarja Today, the island's chief news source. "Widely Read, Reasonably Priced!" or so the paper's editors claimed.
  • Opportunities in the Edge was a magnificent source of adventure ideas, sideline encounters, and GMC ("Game Moderator Character") inspiration.
  • Little Scratches was a printed free-for-all featuring coded communiques between secret agents, bitter commercial tirades, political apologia, and rebukes from God.
Photograph of a page of text from Al Amraja Today
A page of Opportunities on the Edge and Little Scratches from the Over the Edge core book.
Although we had no way to know it back in the day, micro-texts of each type are perfect fodder for Facebook and Twitter, so join us on the island using the #OpEdge and #LitScr hashtags. Feel free to direct people to this page when they wonder what the hell it is that you're trying to say. We've pre-shortened a URL and everything: is.gd/alamarjatoday.

(Not familiar with Over the Edge? We can fix that problem, too.)


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