Rarities at Warehouse 23

Published by: Atlas Staff
I just received the year-end inventory report from Warehouse 23, which handles mail order on our behalf. Something I noticed is that they still have copies of a number of books that are out of stock or out of print. Not very many copies, mind you (sometimes just one or two), but here are direct shopping cart links to all the non-D20 titles, in case you want to try and nab any of them before they're gone:

A Medieval Tapestry
Kabbalah: Mythic Judaism
The Return of the Stormrider
The Dragon & The Bear
Realms of Power: Divine
Houses of Hermes: Societates
A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Winter's Tale
Twelfth Night
Tribunals of Hermes: Rome
The Stormrider: Jump-Start Kit
Mythic Places
More Mythic Places
The Rough and the Smooth
Trial by Fire
Enter the Viking
Chasing the Dragon
The Bonin Horse
Hell Bent
Lawyers, Guns & Money