Ronin Arts to Buy Atlas Games

Published by: Atlas Staff
Anyone who has observed the adventure games industry in the past decade has witnessed online sales of digital role-playing books grow from a tiny niche to a vital part of the market. While traditional retail outlets have struggled, these new media have thrived – bringing wealth and power to those who have led the way. In turn, those cash flows need to find new places to be reinvested, to strengthen and diversify the industry titans of the PDF field.

Thus we come to today's big news. It is my pleasure to announce that in the wee hours of the morning, negotiations were completed and I inked a deal with a businessman and creative professional I have long admired, Phil Reed. His company, Ronin Arts, will be acquiring all of the assets and liabilities of Atlas Games, effective one year from today.

We'll be following up tomorrow with further details, but I didn't want to make fans wait for this exciting news any longer than necessary.


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