Save the World Again ... or Die Trying

Published by: Atlas Staff
Bust out your AMT Automag and brush up on your Path of the Leaping Storm, Secret Warriors, because everyone's favorite action movie roleplaying game is coming backā€¦ with a vengeance! Exploding out of the '90s and into your gaming group like an Arcanowave-powered hell-turbine of awesome, FENG SHUI is on target for a reboot. And not just any reboot, brothers and sisters. This time Robin D. Laws and the Atlas Crew have brought on an Atomic Overmind to dial it up to eleven!

That's right, we're not content with just hitting the reprint button. In the very near future, we're going to open up the feedback channels and ask YOU what you want to see. More rules? More locations? More explosions? More rules about explosions on location? We don't see a limit and neither should you. What do you love? What needs to get kicked into the Netherworld? Your voices shall be heard, sons and daughters of the Dragon! Watch this space for more news!