(Slightly more than) Quarterly Update for Special Ops program!

Published by: Atlas Staff
Special Ops is Atlas Games' corps of loyal fans who organize and run demos and tournaments at retail stores and conventions across the country and around the world. Additionally, Special Ops members hosted 2014 International TableTop Day events, and are currently playtesting the new rules for Feng Shui 2.

Members earn Hazard Pay points for each demo report they submit, points that can be spent on games and contribute to their advancement in rank. Atlas is happy to announce that the following Special Ops members have gone up in rank so far in 2014:

Paul Ghignon (Sergeant, 100 HP)
Adam Lucas (Private, 1st demo completed)
Damien Morand (Private, 1st demo completed)
James Jeffery III (Private, 1st demo completed)

Congratulations to all of you, and keep up the great work!

We'd also like to welcome the following new recruits:

Damien Morand, Adam Lucas, Jeremy Duncan, Paul Ghignon, Cedric Naoum, Pablo Palacias, Ipuah Linus, Marc Willner, Jason Exum, Ashley Massey, Christopher Beard, Rich Lovely, Dean Gilbert, Jack Kelly, Paul Venner, Jen Wilson, James Jeffery III, Andrew Hafey, Darryl Browne, Thomas Howell, Steve Hammond, Jason Pasch, Ollie Gross, Rafael Sant'Anna-Meyer, John Till, Jonathan Siregar, Jean-Christophe Cubertafon, Ben Rasmussen, Jim Crocker, Ed Gibbs, Dirk Keienburg, Neal Dalton, Paul Anthony Shortt, Jeb Boyt, David Martin, Kairam Hamdan, Jeff Hoff, Matt Ryan, Nathan Harwell, Leon Sand, Kevin Kulp, Dave Blewer, John Donoghue, Stéphane Gallay, Tyler King, Rabbit Stoddard, Brandes Stoddard, Nick Wedig, Jeff Williams, Fabien Lebrun, Mark Green, Jack Stephenson-Carr, Jonathan Walton, Thomas Bagley, Joe Tyne, Ian Wallach, Jason Dettman, Miguel Rodriguez, Eugene Churmanov, Mikhail Bulatov, Ian Wood, Collin Leverette, Glen Murie, Mitchell Smith, Patrick Joynt, Danilo Takano, Aaron Nuttall, Ryan Macklin, Jeromy French, Dean Newman, John Olson, Alan-Michael Havens, Darren Pearce, Steven Torres-Roman, Shannon Lewis, Brandon Perkins, Sean Holland, Adam Stein, Calvin Roberts, Shane Dunlap, Christa Ragsdale, Thomas Adams, Matthew Sullivan-Barrett, Fabio Ribeiro, Kees Kalonick, Danielle Horsley, Lynn Williams

Thanks for being a part of Special Ops!

If you're interested in joining Atlas Games' Special Ops demo team, just fill out our Application Form. There's no obligation, but it's the best way to earn new product for teaching folks the Atlas games you already enjoy, and to get advance access to special opportunities like the Feng Shui 2 playtest.

To request a Special Ops demo at your convention or retail store, simply fill out our form to Request a Demo.


Special Ops