Special Delivery for Your #TableTopDay!

Published by: Atlas Staff
Our urgently needed Gloom reprint arrived here at the warehouse just minutes ago, and already we're working at a frenzied pace to get more Gloom to your Friendly Local Gaming Stores.

But with the reprint came our copies of a brand new addition to the Gloom family--the TableTop Gloom collectors' pack, made specially for #TableTopDay! Atlas Games worked with the good folks at TableTop to create 10 new cards that can be incorporated like a mini-expansion for Gloom.

Now you can make Unwelcome Guests Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day as perfectly miserable as the rest of your Gloom clans, with new Stories like The Loser's Couch and The TableTop Trophy of Awesome. Add a few new rules and modifiers, including "WHEATON!!!!," and you've got a nifty little bonus pack to darken your own tabletop!

Many thanks to the whole TableTop crew at Geek & Sundry for letting us make their lives a little bit Gloomier!