Special Ops Quarterly Drawing

Published by: Atlas Staff
Atlas Games is pleased to announce that Tony Brock of Salem, Oregon is the winner of this quarter's Special Ops prize drawing. Tony will get to choose a prize from among the rare and and one-of-a-kind Atlas Games items reserved for the Special Ops drawing.

Special Ops is Atlas Games' corps of loyal fans who organize and run demos and tournaments at retail stores and conventions across the country and around the world. At the end of each quarter, Special Ops demo team members who have run a game in the last three months are entered into a prize drawing for special Atlas items. The next drawing will be July 3rd, and will feature a choice of prizes such as press sheets and original art from our popular ArsMagica , Feng Shui, and Unknown Armies RPGs, and from card game favorites like Dungeoneer, Lunch Money, and Once Upon a Time.

Atlas is also happy to announce that the following Special Ops members have gone up in rank this quarter:

Darren Miguez (Magus 500 HP)
Erik Lee (Avatar, 200 HP)
Neil Taylor (Avatar, 200 HP)
Tony Brock (Grog, 50 HP)
Neil Edge (Grog, 50 HP)

Congratulations to all of you, and keep up the great work!

Also, we'd like to welcome the following new recruits:

Andrew Beard
Eloise Archambault
Roscoe Gibson
Duncan Harris
Robert L. Hood
Antti Kautiainen
Tracy Lee
David "Amberan" Malecek
Duncan Rust

Thanks for being a part of Special Ops!

If you're interested in joining Atlas Games' Special Ops demo team, just fill out and send in the application form at www.atlas-games.com/specialops.

To request a demo at your convention or retail store, send in the demo request form located at www.atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/SOdemorequestform.rtf.

Michelle Nephew
Special Ops Coordinator
Atlas Games