Special Ops Quarterly Drawing and important announcements!

Published by: Atlas Staff
Atlas Games is pleased to announce that Al Beddow of Spokane, WA is the winner of this quarter's Special Ops prize drawing. Al will get to choose a prize from among the rare and one-of-a-kind Atlas Games items reserved for the Special Ops drawing.

Atlas is also happy to announce that the following Special Ops members have gone up in rank this quarter: 

Robert Hartsell (Captain--500 HP)
Al Beddow (Sergeant--100 HP)
Dawn DeBacker (Sergeant--100 HP)
Natasha Mathews (Sergeant--100 HP)
Tristan Jusola-Sanders (Corporal--50 HP)

Congratulations to all of you, and keep up the great work!

Also, we'd like to welcome the following new recruits:
Andreas Melhorn, Paul Baldowski, Don Gardner, Alexander Siegelin, Geoff Skellams, Edgar Arosemena, Rich Spainhour, William Wilson, Michele Grande, Ed Handley, Brian Sniffen, James Mayse, Andrew Lloyd, Gilbert Isla, Lauri Hirvonen, Luis Velasco, Tyler Stefan, Christian Lindke, Jeremy Williams, Brian Hoffmann, Jia Yaik Yong, Stacy Forsythe, Thurston Capps, Ernest Mueller, Darren Davis, Gerald Saracco, Flavio Mortarino, Julian Hayley, David Campbell, Michael McDowell, Tom McGrenery, Daniel Dean, Leonard Arcilla, Lindsey Jason, Dain Lybarger, Calvin Jim, Damian Leach, T Young, Daniel Walsh, Mike Welker, Sophia Brandt, Chris Clouser, Leif Mogren, Petr Jonak, Mark Craddock, Theron Bretz, Austin Creek, Pamela Nolin, Grant Pearson, Morgan Weeks, Terry Whisenant, Michael Schloss, Tony Patterson, Matthew Miller, Michael Reed, Francis Dickinson, Robert Kim, Phil Garrad, Ben Parks, Lonnie Spangler, Charles Boucher, Charles Alston, Martin Killmann, James Isenberg, Gregory Krakovich, Joseph O'Toole, Lisa Padol, Bob Farnsworth, John Mehrholz, Ron Beck, Lee Kolb, Havard Krugerud, Ralf Wagner, Michael Botterill, Dave Thompson, Dak Powers, Patrick Scaffido, Michael Coorlim, Mike Athey, William Watkins, Diego Rivera, Phillip Ames, Asen Georgiev, Jason Patterson, Rhonda Peek, Adam Smith, Michael Gemmell, Dan Snowberger, Joshua Miller

Thanks for being a part of Special Ops! Invite your friends, and you'll get a Hazard Pay bonus the first time they run a demo event.

Big changes are afoot in the Special Ops program to make it easier and more rewarding for more people. This is the last quarterly drawing, but the rare collector's items will still find their way into happy homes--we'll be making them available for auction on eBay and at local conventions to raise funds for charity. You'll hear more about this program in the future, as we'll post eBay auctions on the Special Ops list so you have a chance to bid on them too!

Quarterly drawings will be replaced with a different program to get special goodies into the hands of our dedicated demo artists. Stay tuned for that announcement!


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