Special Ops update for 2nd Quarter

Published by: Atlas Staff
Special Ops is Atlas Games' corps of loyal fans who organize and run demos and tournaments at retail stores and conventions across the country and around the world. In the Second Quarter of the year, more conventions sprang up as the northern hemisphere thawed, and over 140 different groups of players participated in the Feng Shui 2 playtest.

Members earn Hazard Pay points for each demo report they submit, points that can be spent on games and contribute to their advancement in rank. Atlas is happy to announce that the following Special Ops members have gone up in rank this quarter:

Robert Hartsell (Major, 1000 points)
Roscoe Gibson (Captain, 500 points)

Congratulations to all of you, and keep up the great work!

We want to extend a special thank-you to all the Special Ops folks who led a playtest of the new Feng Shui 2 rules and submitted feedback. This process has been incredibly valuable to Robin Laws and the entire FS2 team. Hearty gratitude to these operatives:

Michael Athey, Jeb Boyt, Jim Crocker, Jason Dettman, Francis Dickinson, John Donoghue, Sean Dunstan, Stéphane Gallay, Dean Gilbert, Ollie Gross, Kairam Hamdan, Steven Hammond, Julian Hayley, TJ Howell, Petr Jonák, James R Jeffery III, Lee Kolb, Joshua Kronengold, Kevin Kulp, Andrew Lloyd, James Mayse, Matt Miller, Leif Mogren, Ernest Mueller, Dean Newman, Sean Nokes, John Olson, Lisa Padol, Jesse Quisenberry, Ben Rasmussen, Diego Rivera, Matt Ryan, Avram Shannon, Allen Shock, Paul Anthony Shortt, Dan Spragens, Paul Stefko, Joey Tyne, Henry Ulrich, Paul Venner, Daniel Walsh, Jonathan Walton, Nick Wedig, Michael Wight, Marc Willner, William Wilson

We'd also like to welcome the following new recruits:

Paul Stefko, Daniel Luce, Will Glenn, Bastien Daugas, Kelly Warren, Thomas Ryan, Wolf-Philippe Fischer, Aaron Farrugia, Gonzalo Prados

Thanks for being a part of Special Ops!

If you're interested in joining Atlas Games' Special Ops demo team, just fill out our Application Form. There's no obligation, but it's the best way to earn new product for teaching folks the Atlas games you already enjoy, and to get advance access to special opportunities like the Feng Shui 2 playtest.

To request a Special Ops demo at your convention or retail store, simply fill out our form to Request a Demo.


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