Sub Rosa #11 Released!

Published by: Atlas Staff
Sub Rosa Issue #11 has just gone out to contributors and subscribers. The new issue includes:

  • Line Developer David Chart reveals what it takes to commission and develop an Ars Magica supplement. 
  •  Aa look at outlawry in the Ars Magica period by Gerald Wyllie.
  • A comprehensive set of tables to help determine conception, pregnancy, and childbirth by new contributors Richard Wiles and Cameron Weeden.
  • "Welcome to the Turb" continues with another grogs-related article written by ENnie-Award-winning author Ben McFarland.
  • Training packages for magi by Mark Shirley, co-author of the supplement Grogs.
  • "The Body on the Shore," a scenario of mystery and horror by Edward Kendrick, which includes a video trailer, audio walkthrough for the story, and a brief talk on adapting the story.

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