TableTop: Once Upon A Time on May 2nd!

Published by: Atlas Staff
[As Seen on Tabletop]
We have some very exciting news today, in two parts.  The first is that we can now tell the world that Once Upon A Time will be played on TableTop Season 2! (Close observers may have gotten a hint from, oh, seeing it played on TableTop Day, or seeing it on a shelf of games behind Felicia Day when TableTop Day was announced.)  The second is that an unexpected schedule rearrangement (as explained by Wil Wheaton's video this week) means that the episode will air next week, on May 2nd!

Wil Wheaton's guests in this episode are Amy Berg (whose work Michelle and I have been enjoying, as we recently finished watching the last season of Eureka), Mike Phirman (known for Hard 'n' Phirm and Learning Town), and Chris “Doc” Wyatt (producer for Napoleon Dynamite, among other things).

We can't wait to see what story this talented and creative group tells. You can be sure that we'll have a link here on our front page as soon as the episode is online!

In the meantime, check out our Once Upon A Time 3rd Edition page to learn more about the whole product line (including the Enchanting Tales expansion, new this week), and download the game's rules in advance of next Thursday's episode.