Published by: Atlas Staff
I just wanted to write to say, we have some incredibly exciting things coming up in the next few weeks.

Sure, there's the big new edition of Once Upon A Time, which I'm pretty sure is our all-time best-selling game ever if you include all its many translations (and maybe even without); and you already know about Unpleasant Dreams, a transparent effort to bring Lovecraft's Dreamlands to the Cthulhu Gloom card game.  (Yes, that's word play.  I used to make a living as a writer, you know!)

But we have other news in the near future -- something that will delight fans of Unknown Armies, and it's looking like we'll have something that may well shock the socks off Ars Magica fans.

Wish I could say more...but right now Jess and I have a ton of work to get the warehouse ready to receive two semis full of games coming at the end of the month.  Just stay tuned, as at least one newsworthy thing should be appearing here by the end of the week!