Top Ten Lists for 2007

Published by: Atlas Staff
It's a longstanding annual tradition for me to look back at each year and report which titles sold best for us, in two lists. The first list is ranked by units of sales; the second by gross receipts (in other words, a more expensive game or book may rank higher than a less expensive one that sold more copies).

Top Ten Atlas Games Titles of 2007, by Unit Sales
1. Gloom
2. Once Upon A Time
3. 40 Years of Gen Con*
4. Gloom: Unwelcome Guests*
5. Lunch Money
6. Gloom: Unhappy Homes
7. Once Upon A Time: Dark Tales
8. Let's Kill
9. Lunch Money: Sticks & Stones
10. Beer Money

Top Ten Atlas Games Titles of 2007, by Dollar Sales
1. Gloom
2. 40 Years of Gen Con*
3. Once Upon A Time
4. Lunch Money
5. Gloom: Unwelcome Guests*
6. Gloom: Unhappy Homes
7. Houses of Hermes: Societates*
8. Let's Kill
9. Beer Money
10. Legendary Dungeoneer: Wrath of the Serpent Goddess*

An asterisk indicates a title that was newly released in 2007. It used to be that these lists were always dominated by the new releases, but as our product mix and the marketplace have changed in recent years (with the expanding of our card/board game portfolio, the fading of the d20 phenomenon, the closing of numerous wholesalers, and so forth), a bigger chunk of our revenues have come from continuing sales of "evergreen" titles, rather than the sales bursts of brand new products. In several cases, we saw significant increases in the sales of these evergreen titles, compared to 2006.

Overall, 2007 was a very good year for Atlas Games, with total sales up about 17% over 2006.


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