Travel to Cthulhu’s hometown with Lost in R’lyeh!

Published by: Atlas Staff
In the sunken city of R’lyeh, Cthulhu lies not dead, but dreaming. When the city rises to the surface of the Pacific Ocean where hapless travelers might see it, the very image of its slimy green edifices is often enough to drive them mad.
Sounds like the perfect location for a fun new card game, right?

Lost in R’lyeh is the newest release from Atlas Games. It’s a fast-paced card game for two to six players that takes you into the deathless city where you cannot win — you can only escape before becoming lost forever.
Cards have a Horror Rating number, and players put together sets of cards of the same rating. The more cards you have in your set, the more powerful the effect you trigger. If you can’t play at all, you must pick up the discard pile. Having more cards pushes you further from the finish line, but you may get the cards you need to make powerful sets.

As each player gets rid of all their cards, they escape the clutches of the endless nightmare city, if not the madness that ensues. Only the last player left is lost forever in R’lyeh.

Dare you enter the realm of the Great Old Ones? Grab a copy of Lost in R’lyeh today!


Lost in R'lyeh