Update: The Divine

Published by: Atlas Staff
I received word from our book printer this morning: the new Ars Magica book, Realms of Power: The Divine, is scheduled for delivery to our warehouse on Friday afternoon. This is great news, since it means we'll not only have the book at Gen Con, but we'll have it shipped out to our distributors before we leave for the show. Most likely I'll be able to ship a handful of non-US customers on Friday before UPS shows up for our daily pickup; I'll spend the weekend packing orders so that everyone else is shipped on Monday.

So far the pre-orders on the book are looking very good, showing a healthy increase over the initial orders we saw for the last two Ars Magica titles (Guardians of the Forests and True Lineages). We've seen really strong reorders of all the 5th Edition supplements, so it looks like distributors and stores are responding by increasing their initial orders.

Update: Gloom & Unhappy Homes

In other good news, we UPS delivered three heavy boxes this morning, containing a couple hundred advance copies of the reprint of Gloom and the expansion Unhappy Homes. I was starting to worry whether we'd have these in time for Gen Con, so I'm much relieved to have the physical goods in hand.

Our printer in New Delhi, India, also recently gave us an update on the status of the main shipment of these titles: "Yes, monsoons in Mumbai [formerkly known as Bombay] do create a problem as Mumbai is the port city. Shipments are not being accepted for the next 5 days due to flood situation in Mumbai. We have got a confirmed date for movement of this shipment which is 16th August. Though it has been delayed, but shipment moving out from New Delhi (capital city of India) are automatically on priority and will ship even before shipments of Mumbai are accepted." We'll keep monitoring the situation, and hope that the weather cooperates.