Updates from the Warehouse

Published by: Atlas Staff
Gloom News

We received word yesterday that our reprint of Gloom, our reprint of Unhappy Homes, plus the new expansion Unwelcome Guests are all scheduled to ship from their printer (here in the US this time, so no waiting months for trans-oceanic delivery) before the new year.

If all goes according to plan, we should start shipping the games to distributors in the first week of January.

Ancient Magic Ships Next Week

Today is the order deadline for our distributors for the new Ars Magica sourcebook, Ancient Magic. Our stagger shipping will begin on Tuesday, so that all our distributors in the US should have the books in hand on January 2nd, the release date. (In the case of non-US customers, if they've given me an order it has already shipped, unless there were also instructions to hold until after the holiday.)

Sold Out: Unknown Armies 2nd Edition

We have sold out of the Unknown Armies 2nd Edition core rulebook. We will produce a third printing of the book in the new year, since its sales have remained quite steady; right now I just don't know when. (It really depends on cash flow and warehouse space, both of which will be really stretched by the huge Gloom reprint.)