Warehouse Updates

Published by: Atlas Staff
Here are a couple of quick updates from the warehouse.

First, if you are in the US, your local store should have or soon be receiving two new RPG books of ours: The Lion and the Lily for Ars Magica, and the long-awaited Glimpse of the Abyss supplement for Feng Shui.

Next, I am in the midst of stagger-shipping our new card game, Mad Scientist University, so it should be arriving in stores around the USA around the end of next week. If you've been watching the play-by-post action on our messageboards, you may have noticed that some freshman Mad Scientists didn't even wait for their semester to start before launching their schemes to take over the world!

In other warehouse news, we've sold out of a slew of titles recently. We are now sold out of popular card games Once Upon a Time and Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord. (Remember that every Dungeoneer set is a stand-alone game, so if you're interested in trying the game for the first time any set will do.) We will be ordering a Once Upon A Time reprint next week, but it will take at least 6-8 weeks for the job to be done, so the game will be gone from our warehouse until after the Christmas holidays. We haven't decided on the exact plan for Tomb of the Lich Lord, but I hope we will get it back in our warehouse sometime in 2008.

We have also sold out of The Mysteries Revised and Covenants for Ars Magica. Other Ars Magica books are also running low (such as Realms of Power: Infernal and Ancient Magic), so my crystal ball predicts a batch of Ars Magica reprints in the new year as well.

Remember, about these out-of-stock titles, that the games not being in our warehouse doesn't mean you can't get them -- after all, Once Upon A Time sold out sooner than expected because of big orders from our customers, who wanted to make sure to have them available to local game stores for the Christmas season! So if any of these are on your shopping list, you should still be able to get them -- but act sooner rather than later.

Happy Thanksgiving!