Web Updates

Published by: Atlas Staff
You may have noticed the new link to the official Atlas Games forums in the top banner of every page, and that the forums icon in the bottom right area has been redesigned, as well. We're hoping these changes will make it easier for our fans to find each other, since the forums are such a big part of this website.

Also, Ars Magica players will be happy to find two new indexes on the site. The unified Virtues and Flaws index covers all Ars Magica 5th Edition releases through The Infernal (our thanks to Erik Dahl), while the Divine index makes things easier to find in that book.

And finally, our friend Atsushi Moriike has recently sent us updates to all of his Japanese Dungeoneer translations, including a new download of all of the card text from Haunted Woods of Malthorin. Atsushi also sent a translation of the rules for Recess in Japanese.