Whither the Poster Map?

Published by: Atlas Staff
When we announced 5th Edition, we also announced that we were going to be promoting it with a poster map/flyer. The idea was that it would be a full-color version of the Mythic Europe map in Ars Magica 5th Edition on the inside of the flyer, and information about the Ars product line on the outside. (If you've seen our last two board/card game flyers -- one had the Lunch Money "Fight Like a Little Girl" poster in the middle, the other had the Sticks & Stones poster, you'll know what I mean.)

But here we are, Ars Magica is out, and some folks have been wondering where's the map? The answer, unfortunately, is that it didn't get done. Between working our tails off to get 5th Edition itself to press on time so that the book would be out in November, and then losing our employees, we just didn't get it done in advance.

Now the flyer is laid out...but our feeling at this point is that the best thing to do with it is to make it available in March, at the annual GAMA Trade Show. That will be a better opportunity to get it into the hands of stores and make the most of it for marketing purposes. While pushing the flyer into a store owner's hands, we can sell them on the idea of stocking 5th Edition and its supplements. Plus we'll be able to revise the flyer with the most up-to-date information about the line before we do send it to press.

As with the board/card game flyers, we'll be printing a lot of them -- we send these flyers out to conventions, stores, distributors, we pack them inside the boxed games that we assemble just-in-time in the office (such as Cults Across America), etc. Anyone will be welcome to send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope, too, if they want to be sure and get a copy.