The Contested Isle: The Hibernian Tribunal

An Ars Magica sourcebook

The Contested Isle at a Glance

  • Adventure in the formerly tranquil lands of Mythic Hibernia with this Ars Magica sourcebook.
  • In Mythic Ireland, Hermetic magi and other supernatural creatures once lived in harmony, but newcomers disturbed the peace.
  • Populate your saga with bards, druids, faeries, and more. Walk contested lands full of history and magical power.

About The Contested Isle

Mythic Ireland was once a land of uncommon peace, where supernatural creatures were welcome at Hermetic Tribunals, and mutual respect insured that peace was maintained. But no more. English magi have come to reform the old ways. Mortals and magi alike struggle to find their way in this new political landscape. And in the faerie strongholds, dissension grows…

Learn about Mythic Ireland. Walk the rolling hills of Kildare, deal with bards and druids, and take sides in the struggle between the people of Hibernia and the English. This supplement contains story seeds and resources to fuel your saga.

Ars Magica - The Hibernia Tribunal


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: The History of Mythic Ireland
  • Chapter 3: Irish Culture
  • Chapter 4: Hermetic Culture
  • Chapter 5: The Province of Connacht
  • Chapter 6: The Province of Leinster
  • Chapter 7: The Liberty of Meath
  • Chapter 8: The Province of Munster
  • Chapter 9: The Province of Ulster
  • Chapter 10: The Magical Landscape
  • Chapter 11: The Faerie Landscape
  • Chapter 12: The Divine Landscape
  • Chapter 13: The Infernal Landscape

Vital Stats

Authors: Mark Lawford, Christian Jensen Romer, Matt Ryan, and Mark Shirley
Editor: David Chart
Artists: David Chart, Matt Ryan, Jason Cole, Jenna Fowler, Gabriel Verdon, J. Scott Reeves
MSRP: $29.95
Atlas Stock #: AG0305 hardcover / AG0305SC softcover
Barcode: 978-1-58978-139-9 hardcover / 978-1-58978-222-8 softcover
Format: 144 pages, hardcover & softcover
Release Date: September 2013