Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia

Forsaken Land; Forsaken Hope

Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia at a Glance

  • Visit the Iberian Peninsula of Mythic Europe with the help of this detailed Ars Magica third edition sourcebook.
  • With a war-torn land geographically isolated from the rest of the continent, this region provides a unique and compelling setting for your games.
  • Provides a variety of useful storyteller tools, including ready-made covenants, extensive history and geography, and plot suggestions.

Forsaken Lands: More about Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia

Visit the Hermetic Tribunal of Iberia with this Ars Magica fourth edition supplement. Trapped between harsh mountains and turbulent seas, this region is naturally isolated. Its residents battle each other for magic, territory, and revenge. Savage invaders continually test their resolution.

This sourcebook contains extensive background on both the mundane and magical populations of Mythic Europe’s Spanish peninsula. Select one of the fully developed covenants for use in your saga, or create your own based on the material within these pages.

Several saga suggestions are provided to facilitate play. Or, if you prefer, build your own plot around the profiles of supernatural entities and places in this book.

Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia is out of print and only available in PDF. It requires Ars Magica fourth edition to play.

Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia: Contents

  • Introduction
  • Mythic History
  • Hermetic History
  • Iberian Landscape
  • Covenants of Iberia
  • Appendix

Vital Stats

Author: Peter Hentges
MSRP: $12.00 (softcover, out of print), $14.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG0750
Barcode: 1-56504-045-7
Format: 126 pages, 8.5” x 11”, perfect bound
Release Date: 1993