Twilight of the Great Houses

Add the Great Houses to your Godsforge game!

Players: Adds 1 Player Ages: 14+ Time: 20–40 minutes

Twilight of the Great Houses at a Glance

  • A full deck of new creation and spell cards.
  • 16 Great Houses that each give a unique ability to modify your game’s playstyle and power level, adding replay value.
  • Ability to add 1 more player to your game.

The World of the Great Houses

For centuries the Great Houses struggled amongst themselves to control the realm’s Etherium forges. But then those forges went cold, one by one, until only the most powerful remained … the Godsforge!

Now each House fights to rule it, risking their own demise by wielding forbidden magic from the Otherworld.


Gameplay Basics

The Twilight of the Great Houses expansion adds 1 player and a full set of new cards, along with a huge amount of replay value. Each player gains one unique, powerful Great House ability to guide their style of play.

It also introduces “Lose Life” cards that can’t be reduced with damage prevention, and “Cannot Play Creations” cards that restrict your foes to playing spell cards. And a new option to draw ten, keep four cards allows customized decks from the start.


First Edition vs Second Edition

This expansion is 100% compatible with both the First Edition and Second Edition of Godsforge.

Vital Stats

Game Design: Brendan Stern
Illustrator: Diego L. Rodriguez
Producer: Michelle Nephew
MSRP: $19.95
Atlas Stock #: AG1413
Barcode: 7-00040-01413-4
Format: 55 cards, 8 veilstones, 4 dice, 1 token, rules sheet, insert tray in telescoping box.
Number of Players: Adds 1 Player
Ages: 14+
Play Time: 20-40min
Release Date: July 2023