Godsforge Tokens Set

The full tokens set for Godsforge!

Godsforge Tokens Set at a Glance

  • The full token set for Godsforge
  • Includes 10 Iron Wolf Guardian tokens (yellow) and 1 Doppelganger token (purple). That's 11 tokens total. (Doppelganger also sold separately.)
  • Comes with the Godsforge tokens bag, made of super-soft teal velvet and custom-printed with the black-and-gold Godsforge logo, also sold separately.

The Iron Wolf Guardians

There are 4 cards in Return of the Dragon Gods that have the power to create Iron Wolf Guardians. Normally you turn over a card from the draw deck to represent an Iron Wolf Guardian that’s been created. These 5 special Iron Wolf Guardian tokens are high-quality plastic poker chips that go on top of that card, and each has the creature’s image and stats custom-printed on it as a visual reminder.

GodsforgeIronWolfTokenCardsExample UPDATED

The Doppelganger

The Doppelganger creation card in the core Godsforge game duplicates another card in play. This special token is a custom-printed poker chip that you place on the duplicated card as an easy reminder.

GodsforgeDoppelgangerCardsWEB UPDATED

First Edition vs Second Edition

This product is 100% compatible with both the First Edition and Second Edition of the core game.

Vital Stats

MSRP: $9.95
Atlas Stock #: AG1415
Barcode: 700040014158
Format: 10 yellow tokens, 1 purple token, and a velveteen token bag
Release Date: July 2023