The Never Bring a Knife Grenade promo card is available from Atlas Games at conventions and special events, while supplies last. A small number of retail stores who partnered with us at release distributed limited quantities of store-specific versions as well.

How To Throw Grenades in Never Bring a Knife

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To use the Grenade card, simply shuffle it into the main play deck at the beginning of the game. A maximum of one Grenade card is recommended. Two or more? That’s a mess. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Grenades are played exactly like other cards: On another player’s stack or on one’s own, face-up or face-down as the situation warrants.

During the Reveal phase, a Grenade deals a wound to the player who reveals it. However, it also affects the players to the target’s left and right.

Since cards are normally revealed and resolved around the table, one player at a time, a single minor change to resolution is necessary when playing with a Grenade: During the Reveal, all players reveal their stacks at the same time, so all players can see the contents of all of the stacks. Then, stacks are resolved in order as normal, one player at a time, starting to the dealer’s left and moving clockwise around the table.

A player who reveals a Grenade in their stack takes a wound card. (To be clear, Armor can’t affect or prevent this wound.)

Each player sitting next to a player who reveals a Grenade resolves their own stack as though it had an additional Gun card in it. That is, as though it was a five-card stack instead of a four-card stack. All other resolution rules remain the same. That is, that Gun combines with other Guns in the adjacent player’s stack to cause wounds, Armor can cancel that Gun, and so forth.

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