Dice MIner Standard Edition Backer Pack

Standard Backer Pack at a Glance

  • dry-erase score sheet
  • dry-erase marker
  • six hero cards (brewer, elder dragon, golem, scout, quartermaster, and warlock)
  • six tunnel dice (matching the Standard Edition opaque dice)

Dice Miner Standard Backer Pack Components WEB

About the Standard Backer Pack

Unleash the full potential of your Dice Miner experience with the Standard Backer Pack, offering essential additions to enhance your gameplay. This pack includes a convenient dry-erase score sheet along with a marker for seamless tracking. Additionally, six unique hero cards - featuring the brewer, elder dragon, golem, scout, quartermaster, and warlock - bring new dimensions to your adventures. Completing the set are six tunnel dice, perfectly matching the opaque dice found in the Standard Edition, ensuring a cohesive and engaging gaming experience.