Dice Miner Deluxe Edition Backer Pack

Deluxe Backer Pack at a Glance

  • dry-erase score sheet
  • dry-erase marker
  • six hero cards (brewer, elder dragon, golem, scout, quartermaster, and warlock)
  • six tunnel dice (matching the Deluxe Edition premium dice)

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About the Deluxe Backer Pack

Embark on a deluxe gaming journey with the Deluxe Backer Pack, curated to elevate your Dice Miner experience. Included in this pack are essential tools such as a dry-erase score sheet and marker for seamless tracking. Unleash the power of six distinctive hero cards - featuring the brewer, elder dragon, golem, scout, quartermaster, and warlock - adding strategic depth to your gameplay. Enhancing your adventures further, the pack includes six tunnel dice, perfectly aligned with the premium dice found in the Deluxe Edition. Immerse yourself in a premium gaming experience with this comprehensive Deluxe Backer Pack.