Dice Miner Punchboard Mountain

Punchboard Mountain at a Glance

  • A set of two punchboard sheets comprising an extra constructable mountain from the Standard Edition of Dice Miner.
  • The mountain shows which dice can be drafted, which will be next, and how the rest will slide and fall when dwarves share beer.
  • Features stunning mountain graphics and the Dice Miner logo.

Dice Miner Standard Edition Mountain Close up WEB

About the Punchboard Mountain

Explore Dice Miner's dynamics with the Punchboard Mountain, featuring two punchboard sheets for constructing an additional mountain in the Standard Edition. This visual guide illustrates dice drafting, their sequence, and the cascading effect during dwarves' beer-sharing moments. Adorned with stunning mountain graphics and the Dice Miner logo, it adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to the base game.