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The White Box

A game design workshop-in-a-box

The White Box at a Glance

  • Includes a selection of generic game materials for designers, including dice, meeples, cubes, and more.
  • The White Box Essays features 25 essays on game design topics.
  • An essential resource for making game creation easier.
Always on the lookout for new ideas and components that can make game design easier, so pretty excited to see what's in store here. 
 — Unlimited Joy Studios Unboxing Video

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Everyone Has a Game Inside Them: What is The White Box?

The White Box is a game design a box! Game ideas may come naturally, but designing, testing, and revising is work. Make it easier with The White Box.

Both new and experienced designers will find something useful in The White Box Essays: 25 essays on a variety of game topics from design essentials to the publishing process.

Use the included generic components to prototype and test your ideas. The White Box eliminates the need to buy new dice or meeples…or crib them from games in your collection and forget to put them back later. (But maybe that's just us.)

Learn how to create a solid game concept, how to use randomness, what to ask playtesters, and what to do at conventions to give your game the best chance of success. Get the game in your head onto the table with The White Box.

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Design Aids: Contents

  • A copy of The White Box Essays.
  • 3 counter sheets with 71 pre-printed and 49 blank counters.
  • 150 small wooden cubes in six colors.
  • 36 wooden meeples in six colors.
  • 6 giant wooden cubes in six colors.
  • 12 six-sided dice in six colors.
  • 110 plastic discs in eight colors.


Stefan Lopuszanski created an extension for Tabletop Simulator that provides virtual versions of all of the components that come in The White Box.

Vital Stats

Creator and Author: Jeremy Holcomb
Producer and Publisher: Jeff Tidball
Editor: Colleen Riley
MSRP: $29.95
Atlas Stock #: AG2903
Barcode: 978-1-58978-182-5
Format: Telescoping box with The White Box Essays (a digest-sized, 208-page book), 120 counters, 36 meeples, 150 small cubes, 6 giant cubes, 12 six-sided dice, and 110 plastic discs
Release Date: November 2017