Thieves in the Forest

Thieves in the Forest at a Glance

  • A beginner-friendly OGL adventure for your favorite d20 game. All you need is the system to play.
  • Easily launch a new campaign and new characters with this starter adventure.
  • Designed for level 1 characters. Try out a new class or race!

True Heroes: More about Thieves in the Forest

Looking for an easy in to try a new d20 game? Interested in starting a new campaign but don't have the time to prep? Thieves in the Forest is an introductory OGL Penumbra adventure for level 1 characters.

Working from a secret base deep in the heart of Ralferst Forest, a band of thieves terrorizes the countryside. They rob traders, assault farmers, and kill with impunity. The people of Brandon's Bridge are desperate to get rid of these scoundrels. Can your heroes help?

This sourcebook is available in PDF, as the print version is no longer available.

Thieves assault

Thieves in the Forest: Contents

  • An easy-to-navigate, non-dungeon environment accessible for new players.
  • A 17” by 22” map of the thieves' hideout, an abandoned temple, suitable for miniatures or counters if desired.
  • Modify the map to suit your needs in Profantasy Software's Campaign Cartographer 2.

Thieves ghoul

Vital Stats

Author: John Nephew
Editor: Michelle Nephew
Cover Artist: Helena Wickberg
Interior Artist: Scott Reeves
MSRP: $8.95 (out of print), $4.95 (PDF)
Atlas Stock #: AG3201
Barcode: 1-887801-95-2
Format: 24 pages, softcover plus 17” x 22” 2-color poster map, and PDF
Release Date: November 2000